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Phone System Powered by VoIP

Want to setup a real powerful phone system?  Don’t want to spend a fortune on it?   We are going show you how you can setup a enterprise grade phone system with spending thousands of dollars.  The first technology you need to be aware is called Asterisk. It’s a phone system software that allows manages all aspects of the phone system. Think of it like your phone server.  The best thing about Asterisk is that its FREE!   Yes you heard that right there are no hidden costs, or catches here.  The software is absolutely free and there are many different variations of it.  Asterisk runs on a Linux system.  You can download the entire system as a build with everything you need in order to setup your first Asterisk Phone system.

We are a big fan of FreePBX. The system is constantly updated and its very easy to setup and manage.  You can download the software here.  Once you download the software you can burn it on a CD / DVD.   You have a number of ways to install the software.  You can get a cheap desktop computer and install the software on it.   Asterisk does not use a lot of processing power.  In fact you can set it up on a dual core processor with 4GB of RAM along with about 250GB hard drive.  You can purchase a system like this from ebay for about $150.  This computer can handle about 15 – 20 concurrent phone calls and support about 30 – 40 phones connected to it.    A pretty powerful system.

You may ask if the system is stable?  The system is very stable as a matter of fact it’s more stable then some of the windows based phone systems we’ve worked with in the past.  We have a few phone systems that have not been rebooted in more than 2 years.  The systems are rock solid and run very well.

You can also set these phone servers in the cloud.  You can setup a computer instance for as little as $10 / month.  The beauty of the system is that cloud based systems are hosted with redundant power backups and internet connections.  You don’t have to worry about system outages or even electricity bill. For the cost it makes so much sense to set up the system in the cloud.

We have had phone systems go down when Comcast or DSL service goes out.  We now setup most of our VoIP systems in the cloud and even if the Internet connection goes out, the system can automatically route calls to failover phone numbers you specify.  We usually route the calls to individual cell phones to route the calls in case of an outage.…


How to purchase the best bridge camera

If you are looking to buy a bridge camera you need to consider some of the pros and cons of doing so.  A bridge camera is typically similar in size of a smaller DSLR camera.  These cameras are great for a hobbyist who doesn’t want to carry a heavy bulky camera with them.   I personally like to carry a more compact camera but still want some of the rich features offered by some of the high ends DSLRs. 

You can read some helpful reviews of bridge cameras online.   

bridgecamera1 bridgecamera2

Best Camera:

Best Bridge Camera:

Compact Cameras:

DSLR Camera:

Best Mirrorless Camera:



Some Amazing LED Shower Heads

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom, you can bring some excitement into your shower by installing a new LED shower head.  Yes you heard that right, LED.  You can have a party in your shower every day, hey why not?

These shower heads come packed with many different types of settings and features.  We are going to provide you with some benefits of a few models we have reviewed.


Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

If you are looking for luxury shower head reviews look no further.  The Ana Bath LSS5430CCP comes with amazing features and functions and style.  It is a dual shower system and provides an amazing flow of water.

The Ana Bath LSS5430CCP has water saving technology built into it, helps with keeping the water bill down.  It is also pretty quiet and you can be completely relaxed and enjoy your shower to the max.

You can  check the best selling shower heads.

There are also other types double shower heads, lower flow shower heads, shower head for little kids, rainfall type shower heads, higher flow shower heads and not to forget he handheld shower heads.  You can read the full reviews and decide for yourself which one is the best one for your taste.

It has a 5-function spray settings for dual shower heads. The chrome finish looks perfect in any bathroom.  The LED lights just brings a whole new factor to your shower experience.…


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