Types of Drug-Related Convictions


The first type of drug-related conviction is called paraphernalia and it is the lightest crime out of all because it means that you were caught with the possession of some sort of equipment that is used to prepare, conceal, inject or inhale illegal drugs. Some items such as bongs are labeled as designed for tobacco use only. This way these items are not affected by this law, however even with a label like this, you can be charged with drug paraphernalia.

Drug Possession

Most common convictions are for drug possessions and they can be really harsh depending on the drug that you had in your possession and the amount. No matter what drug you have in your possession, you can and will be convicted of that crime, therefore make sure to stay away from any type of drug. In some states, marijuana might be legalized, but when you enter some other where it is illegal, you can get into a lot of trouble. When you are traveling, make sure to keep yourself clean from any drug because if the police find anything that is illegal, you will be convicted. Drug possession is a very serious conviction that you should always avoid.


In some cases, people will get charged for drug manufacturing if they were involved in some of the production steps of the illegal substance. Also, if you are the person who is delivering the drug to the production location or from there to some other place, you will also be facing these charges for manufacturing drugs.


drugsYou have most likely heard about this type of conviction because a lot of people are doing it. If you are caught dealing drugs to other people, you will be charged with drug dealing simply as that. You have to keep in mind that dealing and trafficking drugs are not the same conviction. Dealing drugs means that you are selling the drugs for money to random people who are buying the drugs for consumption. The sentence for this criminal activity can vary depending on the drug that you were dealing and the amount that was found in your possession. However, dealing has a much harsher sentence than simple possession of the drug because you are making a profit from the illegal substance.

Professional Help

When you are facing some criminal charges that are related to drugs, make sure to hire someone professional to help you with your case. No matter what you are charged with, you always need to have a professional legal attorney by your side who will do everything in his power to keep you out of the jail and keep your criminal record clean. If you refuse to hire an attorney, you will be most likely facing some bigger sentences, simply because you won’t have the experience and knowledge to defend yourself against the charges. Drug-related convictions shouldn’t be taken lightly, this is a very serious legal issue that you have to take very seriously otherwise you will end up behind bars for a long time.